Online practice test for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test

JLPT Practice Test@Attain Online Japanese

Our mock exam is the exact same format as the real JLPT,
so you can check your skills and gain confidence after practicing on this website.
All the tests are online, so you can challenge the test whenever, wherever, and as many times as you want.
All after-lesson exercises for our “Online Japanese Course” are also available here!
Now, let’s get one step closer to passing the exam!

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What is the JLPT Practice Test?

The JLPT Practice Test @ ATTAIN Online Japanese is a mock test platform which provides mock exams for the different level of the Japanese Language Practice Test, including the N5 Mock Exam, the N4 Mock Exam, the N3 Mock Exam, the N2 Mock Exam, and the N1 Mock Exam. All of the exams are provided online and have the same format as the real test, including the quizzes for each section.

Characteristics of the JLPT Practice Test

All of the tests
are AOJ original questions

All of the questions are originally made by Attain according to the standard of JLPT, so you can purchase the practice tests without worrying about getting the same questions from other practice or mock exams.

The format is the same as the real JLPT test,
and it also includes quizzes of each section for each level.

There are at least 5 practice mock exams for each level from N5 to N1 which are all the same format as the JLPT. In addition, each level comes with ten vocabulary and grammar quizzes, and we plan to add new questions each month. Moreover, you can challenge the questions as many times as you like.

All levels of JLPT mock exams are available,
unlimited access to the tests,
you can take as many times as you would like.

We provide the practice for all levels of the JLPT from N5, N4, N3, N2 N1, so you can practice the JLPT level you plan to take or review the questions as many times as you want.

You can get your test results as soon as you finish the test

After answering the questions, you will see your test results and the time it took to finish the exam. You can learn what you are not good at, and it is also very convenient for those who are self-studying Japanese.

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How to use the JLPT Practice Test

The structure of the JLPT Practice Test
It consists of the N5 Mock Exam, the N4 Mock Exam, the N3 Mock Exam, the N2 Mock Exam, and the N1 Mock Exam with the same format of real JLPT exams. It also includes quizzes of vocabulary and grammar.
Mock exams with the same format as the real exam

N5 Mock Exam, N4 Mock Exam, N3 Mock Exam
N2 Mock Exam, N1 Mock Exam


Vocabulary test/Grammar test (per level)
After-lesson exercises for Online Japanese Course (N5-N1)

Subscription: 8 USD per month (All tests available)
You can also cancel your subscription anytime.For companies, please inquire here.
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Microsoft Edge
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Google Chrome
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You may be able to use this service in other environments, but this website only supports the environments above.
In Attain Online Japanese, we provide Japanese E-Learning materials for those who want to self-study Japanese. There are the JLPT learning materials, as well as Kanji and Hiragana lessons for those who want to level up their Japanese.

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