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e-Learning Production

We also have a rich experience of serving customers
with educational materials development,
and receive a favorable reception.

Attain has done its best to produce educational content
since the company was founded, such as a series of edutainment CD-ROM titles
and a computer training materials series of “Everyone Can Understand” etc.

Attain makes the best of training know-how over many years and multimedia technology.
We also have a rich experience of serving customers with educational materials development,
and receive a favorable reception.

Especially, we are expanding to provide practical e-learning
for good study environment which makes good use of interactivity of network,
such as private study by the accumulated usage of on-demand study content.

Attain generally makes use of our skillful know-how in educational materials production,
applies multimedia technology and network technology.
We support the application of e-learning for customers.

Characteristics of Attain e-Learning Structure Service

It is not necessary to expend transportation expenses, hotel charge, venue costs,
and lecture costs for training any more so that the cost can be reduced.

Though it costs to some extent when you lead in standard system structure,
there are few changes in course content and users are increasing,
so it saves more cost as it is put to practical use longer.

In addition, it is possible to start e-Learning even if you do not lead in a complicated system.
You can enjoy the merit of e-Learning through effective content which is opened to users online.

With narration which catches the key points and pictures that are easy to understand,
users can experience software operation on the screen by following the guidance.
Mini questions are prepared to check the understanding.
It is a good study method to experience practice and effect.

Since it depends on different progress of different users and you can study by your pace,
so you will have a strong sense of accomplishment and keep the motivation to study continually.

Production of educational materials and disk media
will become waste when some changes happen
in the content. However, if company manuals are
made by e-Learning,
which can quickly respond to changes,
easily replace relevant content when some changes happen in business.

Only by connecting Internet,
you can study no matter when it is and where you are.
There is no restriction on study time and place.

It is possible for busy employees to learn
in their spare time at their own pace.

Based on achievements of various training content and e-learning
content, we respond to customers’ needs meticulously. Welcome to contact us.

  1. Based on PowerPoint data,
    we can speedily produce content which is easy to understand, making full use of characters, voice, illustrations, pictures, animation, video and multimedia.
  2. Participants will not be restricted by time and place. Through Internet, participants can learn repeatedly at their own pace depending on their convenience and understanding.
  3. It responds to a wide range of system requirements, enabling participants to attend lessons in minimum burden.
  4. By accumulating lesson records and effective measurement data, grasping training progress in real time, it is possible to conduct an effective education guide for individual participant.

    We also contract to structure e-Learning Management System. Welcome to contact us.