JLPT Virtual Classroom Solutions for Corporations and Educational Institutes

What’s the JLPT Virtual Classroom Solution?

We propose a new learning style combined with two different systems.

  • Video Learning and Examination on LMS
    (Learning Management System)
  • Virtual Classroom (online class) ←New

Outline of the Two Systems

1. Video learning and examination on LMS (Leaning Management System)

Learners can watch different level of video materials according to their Japanese level (all the narration in videos are with English subtitles). They can also check their own understandings by mini-test. Moreover, learners can use our PDF textbook for review. (Learners who are not good at Japanese listening can watch the textbook while watching the video.)

2. Virtual Classroom (Online Classroom)←New

This is the latest system we have ever introduced. Virtual Class, as its name indicates, is a virtual classroom. The class is different from the conventional e-learning style in which learners often study by watching videos alone. Instead, learners can simultaneously take one class with those who study in other places. Also, the relationship between teachers and learners is interactive, and both of them can communicate with each other.



Advantage of the Virtual Class

Learners can solve questions on the spot.

Learners can ask teachers questions instantly, and solve questions at real time.

A new discovery

Learners can hear some questions given by other learners and realize new problems which would not have been discovered in self-study.

Effective learning

Adding to the video learning, frequent participations in class make a study more effective.

Maintenance of motivation

Learners can maintain motivation for a long period of time before examination, by talking with teachers and contacting with other learners.

An ideal learning cycle

Solving questions enhances learning motivation, and facilitates self-study. (Questions are found in self-study → Solving questions during the class →Motivation will be enhanced →Facilitate self-study even more → Multiplier good effects of the class.)

Questions are found in self-study

Solving questions during the class

Motivation will be enhancedFacilitate self-study even more

Multiplier good effects of the clas

Study methods for Students

→[LMS]eラーニング映像の視聴<まずはじっくりと独習>→[LMS]小テストで理解度チェック <映像の内容を理解しているか?>→[バーチャルクラスルーム]授業に参加 <疑問点を解消・学習意欲アップ!>→[LMS]模擬試験の受験 <本番形式で実力チェック!>

(Example: A Japanese teacher of our company acts a teacher )

-Announce the starting time of the class (free reservation)
-Reservation ・ Cancellation
(Reservation available period ・ Cancellation is okay)
-Connection Environment
  • PC
  • Headset
  • Web camera
  • Internet surrounding adapting to broadband connection

Details of Learning Contents

~Example of the learning contents on LMS (Learning management system)~

(Example: learning materials of all 15 sections for N5 [video play time is about 21hours])

  • Learners watch video materials of conversation, expression, and grammars in each sections. (video play time is about 21hours.)
  • Learners can use the attached PDF data as a textbook while watching the video or reviewing.
  • Mini-test of each sections (e-learning, automatic rating system)
  • Challenge the mock examination (print it and answer the questions ・ mark sheet system in the real examination)
  • Reply to questions about the contents
  • Explain features of questions in Japanese Language Proficiency Test and explain each type of questions in detail
  • Practices and explanations about vocabulary, expression, grammar, and reading comprehension
  • Reply to questions about not only the contents of lectures, but also general Japanese language
  • Japanese conversation practice

Service for

[ for corporates]

  • Japanese language training for the foreign workers in companies
    [for Japanese language schools & educational institutes]
  • Auxiliary teaching material for Japanese language education

※We can provide a Japanese teacher of our company as the instructor for the Virtual Class. The teacher from your school can also act as an instructor for the virtual classroom.
(We also provide Japanese Teacher Training Program for people who want to become Japanese language teachers.)

Function of the Virtual Class

  • One class can accommodate a dozen of participants (one to one lesson is also okay)
  • Teachers are able to check each participant’s identity online.
    (for the occasion that the teacher is provided by a company or a school.)
  • Like a lesson in classroom, the teacher and participants can communicate with each other.
  • One lesson time is from 20 to 45 minutes.

Customizable for your use

You can use only LMS (delivered materials only) or only the virtual class service. (In that case, we are also able to add the learning materials on LMS into your lesson contents.) We can offer any kind of combinations flexibly. Please contact us as for more information.

*About technical term with in pages *

Virtual Classroom
LMS(Learning Management System)
(参考ページ 日本eラーニングコンソシアム)