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You can read your speech in style! Suitable for presentations, lectures,
speeches, events, stockholder’s meetings, etc. Speech prompters
have been used by many celebrities including President Obama.

A speech prompter is a stylish piece of equipment for speech.
It can be used for lectures, speeches,
stockholder’s meetings, weddings, receptions and other events.


The speaker can achieve a stylish lecture style through reading the contents of the speech
which is reflected in a half mirror.

Because of the half mirror,
audiences perceive the prompter as transparent.
The speaker can turn his eyes toward
the audience and give a persuasive speech.

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What is Speech Prompter?

A speech prompter is a stylish piece of equipment for speech.

Text is projected into the half mirror
so the speaker can turn to the audience,
while reading the document.

The monitor is placed on the floor,
while the document can be scrolled
and displayed on the screen using software
(sold separately).

The projected manuscript cannot be
seen by the audience.

The speech prompter has been
used for speeches by President Obama,
corporate shareholder’s meetings,
and other formal occasions.

Usage of the transparent glass creates
a very stylish appearance,
so even speech cards (cue cards) for seminars, weddings, and receptions, can be used.

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