Youtube Channel List

You can see the sample videos of each courses.

Talk in Japan

"Talk in Japan" is a Japanese language educational channel for foreigners thinking about studying in Japan or working in Japan (or in local Japanese companies). This channel is very attractive for foreign students and workers to learn not only language but also life style and culture of Japan through studying Japanese.

NipponTsu TV
(Distributed by three language)

NipponTsu TV is the channel to mainly introduce Japanese culture to the world. There are Japanese version, English version and Chinese version, and each channel introduces Japanese food culture, recipes of Japanese home cooking, Japanese custom and necessary knowledges for traveling in Japan.

Japanese language teacher education course "nihongo"

Expert teachers including Prof. Hajime Takamizawa give a very kind and delighted explanation in the video with illustrations.

This is the best learning material for universities in Japan and overseas, Japanese language school and companies expanding overseas.