Monthly Charge per Person: Only 14 dollars

(The minimum of contract period is 6 months.
The payment is monthly bills.)

"Attain Online Japanese" is an unlimited viewing website of Japanese e-learning materials for corporate customers.

With only 14 dollars every month, you can freely access to all contents that our corporation has produced till now, including JLPT learning materials (video, text and quiz), Japanese learning materials from elementary level to advanced level, mock exams and Japanese business etiquettes learning materials.

Website Name

「Attain Online Japanese」


Monthly charge per person: Only 14 dollars (Contract period: 6 months / Payment: Monthly bills)
Initial cost: 1,000 dollars

List of Distribution Courses

  1. Beginner Course (All 12 lessons)(入門編)
  2. Hiragana and Katakana Stroke Order
  3. Kanji Character Course(All 9 lesson)
  4. JLPT N5 Kanji Character Stroke Order
  5. JLPT N5 Course(All 15 lessons)(日本語能力試験N5)
  6. JLPT N5 Mock Examination(3 sets)
  7. JLPT N4 Course(All 15 lessons)(日本語能力試験N4)
  8. JLPT N4 Mock Examination(3 sets)
  9. JLPT N3 Course(All 10 lessons)(日本語能力試験N3)
  10. JLPT N3 Mock Examination(3 sets)
  11. JLPT N2 Course(All 10 lessons)(日本語能力試験N2)
  12. JLPT N2 Mock Examination(3 sets)
  13. JLPT N1 Course(All 10 lessons)(日本語能力試験N2)
  14. JLPT N1 Mock Examination (3 sets)
  15. Immediately Useful! Japanese Business Etiquette
  16. Business Japanese Language for Beginners
    (All 15 lessons)(ビジネス日本語への道)
  17. JLPT N5 Comprehensive Exercise(オンライン日本語 JLPT N5 完全解説ドリル)
  18. JLPT N4 Comprehensive Exercise(オンライン日本語 JLPT N4 完全解説ドリル)
  19. JLPT N3 Comprehensive Exercise(オンライン日本語 JLPT N3 完全解説ドリル)
  • Mock exams of N2 and N1 will be released sequentially.
  • Workbooks of all JLPT levels will be released within this year.
  • Business Japanese leaning materials will be released within this year.

About Manager Account

A manager account is provided for the person in charge of training to manage the learning status of learners.

If the number of users is 20 or less, one manager account is available for free.
From the second account, one account can be issued for managing 20 users or less. The charge is 3 dollars.

Manage learning status by LMS (Learning Management System)

  • Individual learning history, learning achievement status, management of grade and statistical analysis function of grade
  • In case of distributing the learning materials to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, the LMS which is compatible with mobile devices is available.

Currently the length of play time of all video courses is about 79 hours.
Contents will be added continually.

The learning material of "Business Japanese for Beginners", and the workbooks for each JLPT level are planned to be released in the future.

All the courses are in English subtitles.

We can issue a demonstration account to the clients who consider using this service.

Welcome to contact us for the demonstration account and the information of Japanese learning materials.

Our e-learning website meets the demand of companies and schools in Japan and overseas. It is expected that the number of users would reach 20,000 at the first year.

Introduction of Each Courses

We provide a vast number of customers such as education institutions, Japanese language schools, vocational colleges, international institutions, and leading manufacturing companies with e-learning services.
We also dedicate ourselves to develop study materials for corporate customers.

"Japanese Learning Course for Foreign Learners" is our original Japanese language learning material. The courses are made so that they suit the levels of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, a test used all around the world to measure the Japanese- language proficiency.

You can make effective use of these materials in corporate training, Japanese language training of foreign workers and class activities of education agency such as Japanese language school.

These materials are provided in the e-learning style using the newest media technology to meet the needs from corporate customers.


Youtube channel【Talk In Japan

"Talk in Japan" channel is a Japanese language educational channel for foreigners thinking about studying in Japan or working in Japan (or in local Japanese companies).

This channel is very attractive for foreign students and workers to learn not only language but also life style and culture of Japan through studying Japanese.